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have? War was war. They were in splendid health. They had enough to eat. They had had a sharp tussle with the Boches and many of their men were killed. But vi

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ctory in the end was certain. In the meanwhile they needed some warm underclothes as the nights were growing cold; and would Félise enclose some chocolate and packets

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of Bastos. Love to everybody and Vive la France! These letters Fortinbras would take to the Café de l’Univers and read to the grey-headed remnant of the coterie, each of whom had

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a precisely similar letter to read. The Adjoint du Maire was the first to come without a

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letter. He produced a telegram which was passed from hand to hand in silence. He had come dry-eyed and brave, but when the telegram reached him, after completing its round, he b

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roke down. “C’est stupide! Forgive me, my friends. I am proud to have

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given my son to my country. Mais enfin, he was my son—my only son. For the first time I am glad that his mother is no longer living.” Then he raised his head valiantly. “Et toi, Viriot—Lucien, how is he doing?” Then some one heard

Nicky George - ches, all too
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